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Team Registration 2018

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Christie Lake Race Schedule


Guelph race results 2018 (1).xlsx

Guelph Race Schedule v01 (1).xlsx

Waterfest 2018_results.pdf

Waterfest Womens 2018_results.pdf

Waterfest 2000m 2018_results.pdf




National QualifiersRaceSchedule_Milton_.xls

Hamilton Waterfest Dragon Boat Race

Mixed=(minimum 8 female paddlers)


Open to everyone Club Paddling, Walks + Activities

 Walks to Enjoy!    Bike Rides   Lively Dragon


Captains / Managers register your team for an event. Then go to  Participant Application Select 1/ Captain Manager  - Free  

Captains / Managers Please download and print the personal,  team waivers along with the acknowledgement of risk forms. Please make available to your team members the voluntary personal medical information form. Please hand in the completed and signed forms race day morning at the registration desk.

Mixed=(minimum 8 female paddlers)

Team members You will need to fill in and sign printed copies of the personal and team waiver. This will be arranged by your team captain or manager. 


Please ensure team members are aware of the voluntary Medical information form. There is a separate copy of the Waiver and of the Medical Information form in the Helpful info & Forms. Medical Information Form

Team Waiver form also acts as team roster
Link to printable  PDF Team Waiver Forms



Gather your Friends, create a team, join a Team, Bring a team

Be inspired, lets race!

Dragonboat Races
Canada & United States

Dragon Boat Federation
Dragon Boat Canada
Bateau-Dragon Canada
Ladies & gentlemen who are breast cancer survivors we would like to recommend a fellow club.

Knot A Breast Dragon Boat Club BCS




Link to printable Waivers and voluntary medical form  LivelyDragonWaivers2014.pdf.
Link to printable Waivers and voluntary medical form  LivelyDragonWaivers2014.pdf.
Lively Dragon Festivals

Event Registration "Open"

Team Registration for 2013 Lively Dragon Festivals


For vendor site, festival, rules Vendor Information

For vendors who do not have insurance in place please check Vendor Insurance link before filling in the Vendor registration.

Festivals We Supply

26, May 2018 

8 &9, June 2018
 Welland Practice Schedule  
 Port Perry Dragon Boat
 16, June 2018
  Hamilton Waterfest   7, July 2018
Invasion of the Dragons
Waterford, Ontario
 21, July 2018
Guelph Dragon Boat Challenge & The University Triple Crown  "NEW DATE" 11, August

 River Run Cayuga to Dunville 25, Aug, 2018
 Christie Lake Dragon Boat Race
 22, Sept 2018 
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