Collecting Pledges:

  • ·         Please PRINT clearly all required information on the Pledge Form.  Accurate and complete information for a donor will ensure tax receipt delivery. If we cannot read the information provided or if address details are omitted, a receipt cannot be mailed to that donor.


  • ·         Your name and information must be clearly PRINTED at the top of the Pledge Form. This is important for tallying of the pledges collected by all teams.


Submitting Pledge Forms & Monies:


  • ·         All pledge forms should be completed and monies should be collected ready for submission during the scheduled practice times in the last week of practices from June 13 – June 15, 2016.


  • ·         Completed Pledge Forms and accompanying monies will only be accepted at the festival site location during designated practice dates and times OR pledges may be dropped off at Port Perry Hospital Foundation (Lakeridge Health) 451 Paxton Street, Port Perry by appointment. 905-985-7321 Ext 5580 or 5581 before race day.
  • ·         Pledge Forms and monies/cheques should be forwarded to your Team Pledge Coordinator in order to process the pledge sheets, donations and complete the Tally Sheet.


  • ·         Your Team Pledge Coordinator must verify, complete and sign the Tally Sheet included in the pledge sheet mailing envelope.
  • ·         Team Pledge Coordinators must submit all Pledge Forms and donations as well as the completed Tally Sheet to the Festival Pledge Officials, located on site at Palmer Park, during dates of June 13th to 15th, 2016.
  • ·          To be included in AWARDS for Top Team for Pledge Donations and Individual Pledge Collection, all Pledge Sheets, donations and Tally Sheets must be submitted no later than Wednesday, June 15th by 8:00 PM at Palmer Park.


Checklist for Collecting Pledges:


  • o   Pledge Collector’s Name, Team Name and all

information is filled in at top of the Pledge Form


  • o   There is a COMPLETE address, including postal code, for every pledge collected from donors. A tax receipt will not be issued for incomplete or illegible contact information


  • o   There is a total at the bottom of my Pledge Form


  • o   Team Pledge Coordinators have placed money, cheques, Pledge Forms and Tally Sheet  into the envelope provided to be ready for submission.     

 Charitable # BN 89145 0843 RR0001      

Charitable # BN 89254 7100 RR0001


All proceeds will be divided in an 80/20 split between the Port Perry Hospital Foundation and Scugog Lake Stewards.


NOTE: Pledge donations are not considered registration fees. Registration fees are not receipted.


Any names on Pledge Forms with funds not collected will be crossed off by the Festival Pledge Officials.



Working Together For a Healthy Community