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    • 23 Sep 2017
    • 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • 1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario

    Lively Dragon                                          

    Christie Lake Dragon boat Race "Like no Other!!"
    at 1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario


    Mixed=(minimum 8 female paddlers) 

    200m, Flag Catching, Back it Down Race, Surprise Race, 2000m


    Race Schedule

    To be announced 

    Rhythm & Bones Band, Beer Garden and more!!



    link to register for this event is in Participant Application


    Registration $750 plus HST

    $50.00 Bonus paid to your Team for each Lively Dragon Milton or Hamilton Waterfest Event You raced in

    Two steps to registering:

    1. Event Registration
    2. Team Participant Registration (roster, waivers etc done)

    Let everyone know that your team will be racing up to FIVE times, Your Choice!!

    Thank you for registering your team for The Christie Dragon boat Races "Like no Other".


    As you already know, each team can book the use of the boat two times before the event.  Coach and steers person can be booked for an additional fee.


    The festivities begins:

    Saturday morning at 8am. (tentatively)---more accurate time to be determined.

    Parking is $14.00 per car
    We include and send 6 car passes to each registered and paid team, max 10 people in a vehicle. (Buses are $90.45)

    Please car pool, we want to minimize impacting on the environment.


    Team arrival times

    Please arrive at least one hour before your first heat.  The race schedule (first block of races) will be posted on the website 4 days before the event.  This is NOT the official race schedule! This schedule will be subject to changes.


    Race info:

    Every team races once and will be seeded into divisions. 

    The teams will race again and further seeding into divisions will be done.  The team placing first place in the third race wins medals. 

    Every team will race three 200m races plus a Flag catching Race, plus a back it down race plus a surprise race plus have the option to race in the 2000m finale.



    Medals will be awarded to first place in each event.


    Medals will be awarded to 25 team members.  These medals go to the people on the winning boats of their division final qualifying race, please do not forget your steers person and drummer. 


    Your team may purchase additional medals after the race for a fee of $8 per medal.


    Captains’ Meeting:

    Captains meeting will take place at 7:15 am sharp.  Each team should have two representatives at the meeting.  Rules will be discussed and the format for the day will be laid out.  This meeting will take place near the stage.


    Park Location:

    1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario



    Please car pool. Your team will be mailed 6 park passes if you register early.


    Team Roster:

    Team roster consists of 25 teammates. 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steers person with three alternate team mates.  

    Mixed=(minimum 8 female paddlers)

    Lively Dragon can provide steers persons.  Please let us know if your team will need a steers person by Sept 7. 


    Race Day

    7:15 am    The captains meeting

    7:30 am-9 am     One Representative is asked to finalize your team registration. If you have not completed an online registration please have all your paper work, waviers, team roster ready to Hand in. All forms (two waivers with team signature pages…--medical form is optional)



    Please drop donations on the stage.


    7:45 am   Marshalling for the first race begins


    • Please ask your team mates to have their park passes ready… Please have them handy… NOT in your gym bag, purse or even wallet…Have your passes out …and ready.  This will help the line up move quickly.
    • Encourage your teammates to drink plenty of water all day during race day!
    • Everyone MUST wear a life jacket at all times while in the boat.  Life jackets must be done up correctly. All life jackets and paddles are provided.  **For those of you who have inflatable life jackets…if yours has a pull cord…IT IS NOT ALLOWED…if it automatically inflates when contact with water…it IS exceptions.
    • This is a fundraising event for Goodwill Organization in Hamilton.

    Each person should bring:

    • Sunscreen
    • Lawn chair
    • Change of Clothes
    • Change of Shoes
    • Towel
    • Hat
    • Blanket
    • Signed Waivers
    • Pledge Money and Pledge Sheets
    • Personal Medications
    • Water and Food Vendors will be available on sites

    Each team should bring:

    Shade Tent...this is not mandatory but it helps your team defined gathering place.  It also provides shelter from the sun and rain.  ((( not say the 'R' word!))))]
    Races happen rain or shine
    Team Banner
    Roll of toilet paper...just in case


    When to arrive

    Each person is expected to be at the park at least one hour prior to your first scheduled race.

    Marshalling at the Docks
    Each team must assemble at the dock and be ready to load at least 15 minutes before each of their scheduled races. We cannot wait for missing paddlers. A minimum of 10 female paddlers and 1 drummer must be on every boat.. 


    Team Blurb

    If your team has not filled in the team blurb please do so ASAP or you will miss being mentioned in the race booklet.  This is an excellent spot to promote your team sponsors..

    • 30 Sep 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • Cayuga to Dunnville, Grand River
    Registration is closed

     27 km of paddling bliss or A leisurely 27 km paddle, as leisurely as 27 km can be. Your choice, same event, same boat, same paddling, its a mind thing.

    This is not a race,

    Boats stay in sight of each other.

    Everyone is expected to paddle.

    No canned music. We listen the rhythm of the paddles, the whisper of the wind, the rolling conversation and song of teammates.

    If you are a dragon boater  interested in stepping up to the challenge of steering a 41 foot long dragon boat and your steers person is willing, this is a great opportunity to give it a try in a non competitive environment.

    Teams do themes, Christmas, nature, Hawaii  Etc. We have fun, we paddle, we chat, we enjoy the moment, we paddle some more.

    Two thirds through the paddle we stop for an amazing pot luck lunch (what did you bring?) 100 plus people makes for an amazing spread of delectable food, Pack up, clean up, help ensure the site is spotless before we leave. paddle to the finish in Dunnville. Help pack up, stack boats, garbage in bags.

    High Five your new friends.

    Porta potties are at the lunch break, often a fire put on by the people that allow us to have lunch on their private property. This is a privilege not a right. Make sure every sign of our stay comes away with us when we leave. This applies to any place on the river, enjoy the moment, take nothing, leave nothing.

    Arrive in Cayuga ready for a days adventure. Arrive on time VIP. Shuttle cars. ( Quiet, It is Saturday morning some people sleep in) Make arrangements for return lift to your car if you are not one of the wonderful people volunteering to shuttle.


    Stop at Tim Hortons in Cayuga for snack and bathroom break. Next stop is lunch. Be organized, is the launch site clean, nothing left by anyone? ready to board your boat. Relax, Enjoy, paddle, look at the scenery, paddle some more,


    Start point:

    Boat ramp on Ouse St at the end of Brant St.

    View Larger Map


    End point:

    Boat ramp on Main St W across from Church St. in Dunnville


    View Larger Map



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